Treatments for windows and doors

Find inspiration for window treatments in every room in your home. Infinite number of color combinations in current interior trends and the most diverse surface textures such as strongly structured, velvety, smooth or high gloss provide for endless creative freedom.

  • Screens

    Mesh screens in aluminium frames are the best durable protection against bugs or mosquitoes. We are offering wide variety of frame colors  and few distinctive mesh colors (grey, black).

  • Horizontal blinds

    Horizontal blinds represents the most spread way of interior shading. It is a simple and effective solution for reasonable price. Express yourself in brilliant colors and give life a personality to your room.

    Horizontal blinds have many characteristics: They offer shade, control the incidence of light, permit views of the outside, guarantee privacy protection, have delicate hardware and give the room a matter-of-fact, light mood. 

  • web-roller.png

    Roller blinds

    It belong between favorite interior shading, which protect not just against sun rays and heat, but it also completes interior of room. This type of shading is suitable for flats and houses, but its also perfect for commercial buildings. Modernity, clarity and straightforwardness paired with a well-thought-out but simple operation are the main characteristics- Darken sun protection can be achieved by the choice of fabric.

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