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Ultra modern window technology with highly durable PVC-U or ALU profiles and special active insulating glazing provide effective sound insulation, great energy efficiency and more relevant benefits. Since beginning of our company in 2013 we are cooperating with architects, offices and also with American Institute of Architects to fit their needs for different projects.


We develop some important features, tools and tricks, to make our windows and doors attractive for investors, general contractors and mainly for architects. Our product is Energy Star Certified and fits all ADA Compliance rules.

Wingate by Wyndham, Page, AZ
Total number of windows & doors by SWD: 125
The Western 1920, Milwaukee
Vequity Construction
215 windows and 25 doors
Wicker Park Appartments
Client: Norsman Architects, Ltd.
Date: 2017
Quantity: 45 windows 13 doors
Talaria at Burbank
Client: McCormick Construction
Date: 2018
Quantity: 765 windows 578 doors
877 S. Route 83, Elmhurst
Client: RMD Construction, LLC.
Date: 2016
Quantity: 57 windows 2 doors
Hinsdale Residance
Date: 2016
Quantity: 33 windows 3 doors
Sheridan at the Park Ridge
Client: Walsh Construction
Date: 2018
Quantity: 265 windows 40 doors
The Crest Hill Cat & Dog Clinic
Client: RWE Management Company
Date: 2017
Quantity: 13 windows 4 doors
2900 W Shakespear Ave, Chicago
Client: Property Consultants
Date: 2016
Quantity: 82 windows 5 doors
877 N Hermitage Ave, Chicago
Client: Volo Development
Date: 2017
Quantity: 24 windows 2 doors
6717 West Ardmore Ave, Chicago
Date: 2016
Quantity: 28 windows 4 doors
21276 West North Boschome CI, Kildee
Date: 2013
Quantity: 47 windows 6 doors
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2900 W Shakespear Ave, Chicago

Client: Property Consultants Date: 2016 Quantity: 82 windows 5 doors