Energy ultra

Size is not a value in itself. Window system SWD ULTRA fulfills the requirements of aesthetics and quality oriented building owners who wish an elegant window design and expect functional properties that can provide the greatest possible level of comfortable living. The innovative system provides architects with an attractive range of design options.

Tech specs

  • 3 sealing levels

  • U - Factor as low as 0.14Btu (w/ triple glazing)

  • U - Factor of 0.17 (w/ standard double pane glass)

  • Enhanced thermal insulation

  • Greater space and stability for sound insulation and security

  • Reliable robustness and enormous structural integrity

  • Custom dimensions


  • Consistent six chamber technology carried not only by the profiles but on all functional levels. The chambers are dimensioned for the optimal thermal insulation.

  • Three sealing levels with thermo center seal and innovative sash rebate gasket ensure good tightness against driving rain, the optimal windproof properties, and superior sound insulation.

  • Enhanced Uw values, less condensation, and greater surface temperatures for greater cosiness. Slender visible sight lines for plenty of incoming light.


  • 3"15⁄32 system depth for maximized sound insulation.

  • Wide 1" – 2"1⁄8 glazing range for triple and special functional panes.

  • Back-locked and supported locking plates for excellent protection against forced entry


  • Windows secured in place through special dowel chambers in the weather protected section.

  • Unique honeycombed profile chambers enhancing the window's inherent stability.

  • Low maintenance owing to arrangement of the window hardware in the weather protected section behind the thermo center seal.

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