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  • HOW to consider?

    How to choose the right windows?

    Windows are an important element of your home’s design providing natural light, ventilation and a connection with outside spaces. It means that choosing the right window for your needs can be a daunting task, all the styles, materials, and features that are available to choose from. In addition, window project is a major investment and new windows are expected to last up to 20 years.

    Home windows are available in thousands of different combinations. to suit nearly any application and personal aesthetic choice. We will help you make a smart decision.

    Top things you need to consider:

    • - window material (vinyl, wood, aluminum)
    • - window style and functionality (tilt and turn, fixed ...)
    • - product line (each manufacturer offers multiple product lines for different customers)
    • - glazing and other accessories (colors, grilles, hardware ...)

    Vinyl Window
  • Why PVC-U?

    Why we recommend PVC-U?

    PVC-U windows tend to be the least expensive. The frame and sash of the window are made from solid extruded PVC. This makes them the most affordable- as little as half the price of comparable wood-frame versions.

    They're also very energy efficient, thanks to a honeycomb of chambers that boost insulating ability by trapping air, and can be built to fit any size opening.

    Main advantages:
    • - much less expensive then wood or aluminum clad
    • - same or even higher energy efficiency then wood or aluminum
    • - no need for repaint and overall easy maintenance
    • - no corrosion, peeling or flaking

    You can easily mimic the look of wood by choosing right color film for you PVC-U windows. See our selection of wood grains here.

    PVC-U Window
  • Tilt Turn

    Smart system for your windows & doors

    Tilt-turn windows are three windows in one. Depending on the handle position, they can be operated as a fixed window (handle in 6 o'clock position), inward casement window (handle in 9 o'clock position) or hopper window (handle in 12 o'clock position).

    Tilt and turn windows open in multiple directions through the use of a single operating handle. They provide excellent ventilation control. The tilt position opens the sash inwards at the top to provide indirect ventilation while maintaining security and safety. This angle allows air to come through the sides while hotter air can escape through the top.

    Main advantages:
    • - three windows in one
    • - great weather-sealing properties
    • - always secure ventilation
    • - easy to install security or insect screens
    • - easy to clean both sides
    Vinyl Window - Turn Vinyl Window - Tilt
  • What profile?

    What is the difference between all the profiles and series?

    Each of our product line differentiate via its profile. Profile is the vinyl frame that creates the whole window.
    Main difference between low line and high end profiles id better energy efficiency and sound reduction.

    Our standard profile line - SWD A5 - has energy performance qualities as high-end Pella and other main domestic manufacturer's profiles while costing 25-45% less.

    Other difference is thickness of the frame which has impact on overall energy performance. If you would like to have aluminum look from the outside you can go with SWD Aluskin.

    See full product line comparison here!

    Vinyl Window
  • What Glass

    How to choose the right glass

    Double pane, triple pane, tempered, acoustic - all those kinds of glazings, but which one is the right one for me?
    Well chosen window glass will help you maintain year round comfort and even reduce your power bills. Double glazing, low-e and toned glass are just some of the many options available to improve the energy efficiency of your entire home.

    There are literally thousands of glass types available to use in your home windows and a myriad of treatments such as window film that offer not just improved thermal performance but also noise, glare and safety benefits.

    Superior Windows & Doors offers one of the industry’s widest arrays of glass options, so you’re sure to find the right choice for your climate and your home.

    Our standard window has Low-E double pane glass with great values.
    Click here to see more about glazing options.
    Triple Pane Glass
  • Color options

    What other options & accessories I can choose from?

    Exterior color, interior color, grilles, insect screens, handles and hardware options - that's all the other options you will have to consider.

    Superior Windows & Doors offers it all!

    - 44 colors on interior and exterior (embossed, smooth, brushed) - see more
    - custom patter grilles with color to match exterior and interior of the window - see more
    - insect and security screens matching color of the exterior of the window
    - wide array of handles - see more
    - option for hidden hardware - see more

Soundproof Windows by SWD

Soundproof Windows

Learn more about our soundproof windows here

SWD Windows and Doors



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Client Testimonials

From order to installation SWD provided us with the best service of any company we used for our home renovation.
Kimberly from Highland Park, IL

We have used SWD windows and doors for our commercial multifamily house near downtown Chicago. The quality is unbelievable for such a cost, plus everybody loves the tilt & turn functionality!
Steve from Chicago, IL

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